the cultural-shock in 2024

Das Weltkulturerbe in 2024

The World-Cultural-Heritage


Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany

To the Sat-Stations


CC/   To the Politicians and Minister of Science  

All Over The World

Germany, (Luebeck, 2000, July 31st.)


Order of your Empress


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today your Empress is writing a letter to the politicians, to the academics and scientists, to the scholar and to the representatives, nevertheless, to this ones, which have taken the taxpayer much money only for their educations.

Unfortunately, this ones are still expensive till now and not only during the time of their educations, because they have get off the ground a land of milk and honey in Europe, in the USA, in a great part of Asia, a small part of India and Africa, in Australian and round about the world.

There and here* one can stack up high till to the ceiling the raw materials, work pieces, construction materials and above all the foodstuffs. Go to a department store or to a DIY superstore, alone there every amateur are able to see that you have miscalculate strongly yourselves.

To keep the workplaces you have to produce farther more, if the article is needed or not. For this reason, you now deliver the jumbo packets or the advantage packets in the double and triple the amount and sponsor your ideas through the advertisements. You are trying everything to market the products.

For example, you let product exhibitors to represent the articles through these items and that in a great manner. Only the commercial companies of the great chains are able to allow themselves such a great deal of decline.

The bulk purchase has the advantage, that you may deduct a great many from the tax, of course, you get the bulk discount, too. Also for the shelf life of a product there is a balancing of risk for you; it’s the same with the damage products, because you may enter it in the books separately.

That is the way how every managing director calculates and in Germany, here such a company will state-subsidized to increase its chains. For the products, which are continually produced you need a place, you need staff even you have to pay the running including the insurance premium.

But what you need most of all, that are half an animals,  which are stuffing for two and three ones, so that is the right net profit. Apart from it you wake up desires and already made clear nearly every consumer, that one need a holiday abroad.

Everything what belongs together with the raw materials, foodstuffs, nerves and feelings, all this you market world-wide with an inexhaustible abundance of methods, which you are fitting in, so that it seems to be at least. The methods, if necessary, are financed through the banks, because you are credit-worthy as a rule. And your Empress maintains you have become ill persons, because you are not anymore able to recognize this simple circulation, what is in front of everybody every day, but you didn’t do anything against that matter.

And nevertheless, you actually let study young people business management and economics. Respected professors, business managers and economists are teaching and lecturing in economics according to this matter.

It is simply incredible!

You let people die of starvation and in the land of milk and honey you exterminate the food of the overproduction and that in a great deal. There are only a few things with a solid price, because many and the most you sell dirt cheap through the sales and bargain markets. If your articles don’t have a solid price, then they can’t be produce honestly or you have calculated dishonestly. Some of you will have employed people and children to work abroad; they are bearing the costs for your luxury life**.

Now, you extol the electricity works and market it.

What do you think; you work scientifically personalities, who really pays the bill of the electricity works all the time?

From Monday, the .....2021 here in town the zoo is closed.

You have to do obedience also by handing over this writing  to the leadership or the ones they are meant for it from the first place of all. Do it without any resistance in time of day you …….garden-workers………, otherwise, it is getting serious for you even very much.

On behalf of


HP: You have claimed that one are not able to feed the Third World, but the question is in fact, who has feed whom actually all the time and through what?

Document checked 16. Dec. 2018 / 30 May 2021**